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Officine Panerai is a luxury Italian watch manufacturer, and a wholly owned subsidiary of Compagnie Financière Richemont S.A. Officine Panerai designs, manufactures and markets watches through authorized dealers and company-owned stores worldwide. Giovanni Panerai (1825–1897) founded Officine Panerai in Florence, Italy in 1860.

Dave mentioned in a review, "You can get the same Panerai automatic movement in a Hamilton for about 7K less. Otto Frei sells the V7750 movement for about 450 bucks. So, the other 7K is the name. So enjoy...and no whining about being broke."


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Boutique Manager (Current Employee) says

"US leader makes you work 7 days a week. Zero work liked balance. She’s a dictator. Not a happy place to work. She is transaction and forgets the client experience completely. HR does not support its managers. Very sad place to be with such an amazing CEO.Ceo, productUS leaders and work life balance. Treating managers fairly"

Gestionnaire en logistique / operateur (Former Employee) says

"l'entreprise sais beaucoup agrendi mais la valeur est tomber dans l'oublie et le coté humain es mis de coté et que la production es mis en valeur sent respect des opérateurs. mon experience ma value a etres une autre personne et de mettre mes conviction de coté.bonne prestation comme le transporene respecte pas leurs engagement ou promesse"

Opératrice au Mouvement (Former Employee) says

"déconseil cette entreprise, les employer ne sont que des numéro, leur directeur de prod n'est pas apte a tenir ce poste. l environnement est très lourd, difficile d’évoluer selon les secteurs. déçu de l entreprise après 9anssalairele globale"

Opératrice en horlogerie (Former Employee) says

"entreprise proche du domicil, restaurant sympa....--"

Longtime customer says

"sure glad I didnt buy anything. They cant even answer their phone and the website is laughable."

Roy says

"My Ulysse nardin watch, i did receive, however they removed my comment on their website, also the strap broke during my holiday and after sending them a text never received any feedback. Also the watch doesn`t charge normally. Sometimes it just stops running even when i were it. Mostly the fact they don`t even respond to complains would be a reason never to do business again with them."

Eliot says

"Terrible customer service. Bought a Rolex President and was sent a number of photos by the sales guy there, it looks like there was a small dent on the back and a small dent on the bracelet but I was assured that it was 100% the lighting, turned out when it arrived it wasn't the case. It was dented in both places. To try and make up for the incident he promised he would send me a Rolex President box, which took almost 4 months of constant pestering and reminding to be sent to me. Once it arrived customs held the box because the value of it was marked as a high value and once I contacted the sales guy I was told it's not his problem and that I need to pay for the customs charges. I was also told to handle it myself as he isn't going to call up customs of FedEx to sort stuff out. All I can say is be weary of the images and also the after sales, they are great till they take your money, after that ur a cockroach."

Massimo Tassan-Solet says

"i bought a patek 5167/a from this dealer. i was told it was in "as new, unused, unworn, rubber strap uncut condition from a watch collector". i had patek nyc look at the watch: it had been repaired and marked by a non patek service person. also previously polished. then watch u want admitted it had actually had two previous owners. a bunch of lies. on the bright side, i got my money back when i returned the watch. i guess that exceeded expectations."

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